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10 reasons why you should volunteer in Uganda

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Wether you want a break from what you are doing, or you just have the urge to travel - you will not regret traveling to Uganda. There is something to see and do for everyone. Also, if you want to give some of your time and you want to learn something new at the same time, i think you have come to the right place! We have written down 10 reasons to why you should volunteer in Uganda. This list will show you some of the things this country has to offer. If you are traveling alone, i would scroll down to #2 first.

Let's start!

#1 Uganda is a gem It is known as "The pearl of Africa". The nature is truly amazing. Anything from the mesmerising mountains in Kabale to Lake Victoria (see #6). There are amazing national parks, villages, views from mountains (like Mount Wenale in Mbale), rivers and waterfalls that will leave you speechless.

#2 Friendly locals

You’re sure to meet lots of friendly locals throughout your adventure. Uganda is known to be very welcoming to volunteers and tourists, and was even given global recognition as one of the world’s friendliest countries. You should really take time to know the Ugandans. It makes no sense visiting a place, admire its landscape, wildlife and all it has to offer, and not take the time to know the people who own the place.

Equator Stand(!) on equator! Pretty cool if you ask us..

#4 Delicious street food

If you are a foodie, you are in for a treat! The number one fast-food favorite in Uganda is Rolex! Why that name, you ask? It's actually logical.. It is a chapati (thicker and juicier version of the Indian chapati) with a really tasty omelet with veggies. Rolex - get it? Roll eggs. You have to try one while on your volunteer trip to Uganda.

Sipi falls and Murchison falls These are definitely worth seeing! Sipi falls is easy accessible and is close to the city, Mbale, where Link Child Foundation is also located. Murchison falls is in a national park and is surrounded by an astonishing nature and wildlife - both on land and the river.

Lake Victoria That is the largest freshwater lake in Africa. This is also the sours of the longest river in the world, the Nile! If you travel to Jinja, you can either go rafting or take a boat ride on the nile - how cool is that!?

Personal growth By volunteering abroad you will get the opportunity to learn, grow, teach, give and see new perspectives of life.

A typical cliché is that "volunteering abroad will change your life", but there is probably a reason why it's been said so many times that it's become a cliché. By our own experience, it was truly life-changing.

Good for your CV Global experience is really good on your resume. When you work voluntary, unpaid, it show employers that you are hardworking and want to help others. Contributing your time and effort for a cause you believe in can be personally rewarding and give you a clear outlook on what you want to do in life, which will have a direct impact on your career path. It also shows that you are dedicated and willing to learn new skills and that you are motivated and productive.

Taking a step outside your comfort zone, but in a safe environment, surrounded by people who will take care of you.

Anything from accommodation to food and culture will most likely be very different from what you are used to. A lot of people have a vision about what they think Africa looks like and feels like, but If you have not been to east-Africa before, you might be in for a surprise! If you take initiativ, explore, greet people and have an open mindset it will be such a great adventure waiting for you!

B O N U S:

Link Child Foundation is in Uganda! Click here to read about volunteering with us. We will help you plan the whole stay, be available for any questions and guide you as best as we can! Hope to hear from you :)


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