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At the age of 19, Hanna Charlotte moved to Uganda to work with street children. After a period of 7 months, she returned to Norway to study. Not long after the studies had begun she was offered an opportunity she could not let pass - going back to Uganda. Just one week after receiving the unexpected offer, she was back on the African soil.

Having met many resourceful people, without the ability to realize their potential and dreams, the desire to make a difference grew greater than ever. Neither full-time studies, young age nor relatively little experience with organizational leadership became a hindrance. Through conversations with her good friend Odeke, who had this kind of experience, in addition to the complete cultural understanding, the dream started taking shape. More experienced people were needed, so two highly qualified men, Cepher and Geoffrey, took a seat on the board of directors. On the 1st of June 2013, Link Child Foundation became a reality.


Sarah's story

Sarah is one of the first women who joined LCF's groups, and her youngest son goes to LCF's primary school. During her 50 years, she has given birth to 18 children. Living and raising children in the slums of Mbale is not a simple task, and it only got worse for Sarah after her last husband took his own life.


She lost 5 of her children to sickness and poor nursing facility in Mbale. Even then, the  responsibility  for 13 children and three grandchildren still rested on her

Sarah and her story made a strong impression on us at LCF when we met her in the slum for the first time. Without a permanent job and income, every day was a struggle for her to make ends meet. Also, the children had to contribute. The youngest is looking for food waste/leftovers on garbage disposal, while the older children travel into the city. There they offer to carry water, lift heavy suitcases for bus passengers or do other practical errands, hoping to earn some money.

Sarah's story is, unfortunately, one of many similar stories. Countless people live in Uganda's slum areas in a reality where dreams and future hope must be put aside to meet the very basic needs. The young girl who has a dream of becoming a teacher, the father who wants to give his children a better life. However, their dreams can only become a reality with a life outside the slum area, a life out of poverty.

In definition, Poverty is a term given to an unacceptably low standard of living. At LCF,  we want to change that by not turning a blind eye to the humans living under such circumstances. We believe that together we can make a difference for individuals and families living in Uganda. We want to help by giving people hope for the future. Not depriving them of responsibility for their own lives, but by giving them opportunities.

Link Child Foundation's work is based on the help-to-self-help principle. This implies that all involved in our projects will be supported to manage themselves. We believe that all people have the right to self-determination that impacts their own life situation positively. Through LCF, people get the opportunity to live a full life. 

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