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Link Child Foundation is a voluntary organization that is providing educational and social services in Uganda. Our work is aimed at underprivileged children and families, with limited resources. We focus on sustainable development helping people out of poverty and giving them opportunities!


Today, we reach out to well over 1000 families, through savings groups and the school. Link Child Foundation is now divided into two parts, one of which is education. It consists of nursery school, primary school and vocational training (where young mothers are given the opportunity to become hairdressers or tailors). The second part is the social department. This includes the savings groups that help families to earn income from jobs. This sustainable knowledge is aimed to get them out of poverty. The jobs they have or get are anything from selling food, coal, drinks, fresh vegetables and fruit on the market, to working in hotels, in the transport industry, etc. The savings groups are also used as a gathering group where members talk about challenges, help each other and learn about health, hygiene, the importance of education, domestic violence, private economy, HIV and AIDS, etc.

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