COVID-19 has reached Uganda. The people we work with here were already fighting the everyday battles of earning enough to live from hand to mouth. However, with the shutdown in place, some of the 200 children, whose only source of food was LCF, have been directly impacted.

Although we have closed the school, we still cook and deliver food to these kids, but with our limited resources we won’t be able to sustain for too long. Hence, we would need your help in this.
We are raising funds for 3 essentials:


Your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate a little or a lot. Anything helps. Thank you for your support.

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Previous campaigns

NEW CLASSROOM is currently being built

Our school in Uganda is full. Still, there are many more children in our neighborhoods who are not attending school. 

we reached our goal to collect enough money to to build a new classroom in order to give more children from our neighbourhoods quality education. 

Thank you
for helping us to expand our 

Thank you for helping us getting a SCHOOL BUS

With this school bus, we can make sure that our young students can get to school. And also that they get to and from school safely without having to walk on heavy trafficked roads and small unsafe paths.

Thank you for caring about these children's safety and future! We are beyond grateful!
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