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Why volunteer abroad?

Good for you health!

Amazingly, studies have found that when you stop thinking about your own challenges and focusing on others than yourself, your stress levels are reduced, your immune system is strengthened and your overall sense of life satisfaction increases. Helping someone else, disturbs the stress or tension patterns and replace it with a sense of purpose, positive emotions, and higher self-esteem. The study found that volunteering is linked to better physical, mental and emotional health. Where we got that information from you ask? Click here to read it.

Learn new skills

Employers like candidates with experience from volunteer work. As a volunteer you face challenges on a daily basis that you have to deal with, while adapting to life outside your comfort zone. This helps improve your skills in terms of teamwork, leadership, problem solving and personal skills. Are you ready for an exciting and practical experience? All in all, this is an excellent reason to get out and work as a volunteer abroad! You can read more about career benefits for volunteering abroad here.

Help others, and yourself, become empowered

Your participation in a sustainable, long-term program can help strengthen people. By contributing your skills, your willingness to work and willingness to take a challenge, you can help us contribute to break people out of poverty cycles and create better job opportunities.

Even though it sounds amazing to give a helping hand, it's not always the full story. Not that you can't be of assistant, but most volunteers come back and say that they learnt more than they contributed. They also realised that volunteering is more about learning, what you can share with people when you get back home and all the personal changes in your own life.

Make new friendships

With volunteer work you meet people in all stages of life. It gives you the opportunity to form real relationships that can have a big and even long-lasting impact on your life. You can meet your new best friend, a future business partner or meet someone who becomes a big change in your life.

Become part of the community

Taking part in a new community gives you a different view of people and the country where you get to learn about culture and everyday life. In Mbale, where our organisation is located, the volunteers live in a house in a typical Ugandan neighbourhood. Volunteers spend their free time exploring the city, meeting up with new friends, neighbours and colleagues. It is a great opportunity to enjoy life in the city and experience meaningful cultural exchanges.

Explore the pearl, Uganda

The opportunity to live in another country will always be an important reason why volunteers should travel abroad. It lets you see the country in a different light and gives you the opportunity to explore it. You will return home with a number of new experiences and memories of the beautiful country, exciting work, big contrasts and of course friendly people.

Get inspired

Do you have a stressful everyday life? Or maybe you are unsure of what to do with your life or what to study after graduation? This could be a perfect time to take a break from it all, experience something new, learn something new and be inspired in other ways you didn't know were possible. You can use voluntary work as a reason to leave the old routine and help you figure out what your next steps will be when you return home.

Breaks are important. Putting your life in perspective and learning about the lives of others can inspire an idea or spark an interest. You can come up with ideas on how to improve your own community, or discover a new life that leads you to new paths and toward new goals.

It's no secret - it's a lot of fun!

Volunteering is of course not to be taken lightly and must be treated with great respect! That said, it's no secret that it's incredibly fun! You get to meet new people, embrace cultural traditions and discover new places.

When you are off from work, you have endless opportunities for exciting activities. Everything from rafting, boat trip, bungee jumping, horseback riding - along and on the Nile! You can go to the capital to experience a wonderful chaos or travel to some islands in Lake Victoria. You can see incredible wildlife, or visit your new friends home village if your are lucky.

If you still need few more reasons, just to be even more convinced, you should click here.

NB! Working as a volunteer is an unforgettable experience that will remain with you for the rest of your life. Are you ready?


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