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What you can do as a volunteer at Link Child Foundation

What we are and what we do

Link Child foundation (LCF) is based in The Pearl of Africa, Uganda. From meaningful opportunities to engage with communities to adventure activities and beautiful landscapes, Uganda is a unique, amazing experience for everyone.

Us in LCF want to see the number of street children reduce, so we decided to work from the root of the problem. We build a family center where we have a nursery- and primary school as well as a social department. We believe that it is so important to focus on the parents in order to help the kids, so we have engaged the underprivileged families in slum areas of Mbale into saving groups. We use this arena to help them improve on their businesses and have workshops about domestic violence, HIV/aids, the importance of education, health, hygiene and family planning and much more.

Do you wanna join us in this exciting work and make a difference? Contact us here!

What the work of a volunteer consists of

There are lots of activities for the volunteers to be involved in. After a conversation between the volunteer coordinator and the volunteer, the program will be developed, shared and discussed with the potential volunteer. There is an option to try a bit of everything or stick to the activity you like the most. The volunteers at LCF will always be taken through an orientation program before starting the work. Herein there are some examples of work tasks for volunteers.

Nursery school:

Volunteers help to take care of the children (aged two to six years). 50% of the children are from under-privileged backgrounds.

Work consists of:

  • Help managing the class.

  • Teaching basic communication skills.

  • Teaching the alphabet.

  • Playing with the children

  • Teaching creative skills (painting, drawing, singing etc)

  • Volunteers can also teach a bit basic English

  • Monitor and help the children during lunch

  • ..and more..

Primary school:

The extent to which the volunteer is responsible for his or her class can differ; in most cases the volunteers assist a resident teacher and can have different levels of autonomy in the class, but in some cases, volunteers will be the sole teacher. The classes are all in English.

Work consists of:

  • Helping to improve the children’s vocabulary and pronunciation

  • Assist resident teachers in managing their classes

  • Organize and implement games and other activities in the classroom

  • Help to improve the children’s listening and speaking skills.

  • Assist to serve breakfast and lunch to the children

  • ..and more..

Social work:

Work consists of:

  • Participate in a workshop, or contribute by teaching about an assigned or a self-chosen topic

  • Go for home visits to the children's homes with other LCF staff

  • Visit different saving groups

  • Family counseling

  • Different work will be assigned to the volunteers by the social workers at LCF when needed (computer work, projects, outreaches and errands etc…)

  • Help out in the kitchen when needed

  • Monitor and evaluate community groups

  • ..and more..

We also request volunteers to take photos/videos and send to the volunteer coordinator for documentation purposes and also to update sponsors and other people who follow the organization on social media.

There are a lot of different work to get involved in, and the program will be made together with the volunteer. Volunteers can come alone, with friends, groups or family.

For any questions you can contact us here:

Hope to hear from you! :)


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