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Why pay to be a volunteer?

Why pay when you are offering your time, skills, knowledge and abilities?

What you pay to volunteer will cover your accommodation, orientation program, airport pickup/drop off and salaries of the staff who is there to help you every step of the way. These things will normally cost you wherever you are in the world. At Link Child Foundation we try to keep the prices as low as possible.

We have selected 3 reasons why it costs money to volunteer abroad, and why it should not be free:

1. It costs to host

There is always a cost when it comes to facilitate, manage, and follow up volunteers. These are essential elements to make your volunteer work overseas meaningful and sustainable. When you volunteer abroad, you need energy to work, which requires food; You need to get there, which involves transport, and you may have other needs, all of which cost money. Insurance is also an important expense. The contact person who will be assigned to you, will spend a lot of time preparing a work plan for you. This contact person will also be available to you when needed - which requires salary. So, what does this mean? We are a non-profit organisation, therefor we need some help in order for your expenses do not adversely affect the project.

2. Being a volunteer is memorable experience

Voluntary work abroad should be taken seriously. The staff working with volunteers is trying to maximize the impact volunteers can contribute to. At the same time, volunteers themselves have to take the initiative and take on the responsibility to get the most out of their opportunities, and to get the best out of what they spent. When using the opportunity you have as a volunteer, the experience you get and the effect of the work can be more than most people have ever expected, and more than volunteers have dreamt of.

We want to facilitate a cultural exchange that builds relationships and develop volunteers thoughts about sustainable development. It will again give volunteers a thorough understanding of the meaningful work. Equally important is to take advantage of the opportunity to transfer these learnings to others to create long-term development, even at home.

3. Your motivation is important

When you apply to become a volunteer, ask yourself; am I doing this for the opportunity to learn and what do I hope to get out of this? There is nothing wrong with having a selfish motivation to become a volunteer abroad. It's a great way to explore a new place, and it's an opportunity for your own personal development while doing something positive.

We want to give you a good experience and give you a comfortable and safe place to live. This means that we will work with volunteers on the project to ensure that the work they do is truly beneficial, fits into the project's long-term goals, and only impacts positively.

When you see what you can get out of voluntary work, the reason for paying for it becomes much clearer. In our volunteer program, your money is used to provide you with a quality experience through things like accommodation and staff support.

Just click here to apply to be a volunteer. If you want to know more about volunteering at Link Child Foundation you can click here, or contact us here to ask us anything :)


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