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"Touch lives and spread happiness to the underprivileged on a sustainable basis" 

Our goal is to improve living conditions for the most vulnerable people in Ugandan slum areas, through business, saving groups, vocational training and nursery and primary school .

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Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

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Mawokota Issa Ali

Parent to LCF students

I insist that am the best-placed person to thank this school for its unmatchable standards and professionalism garnished with a great ear to parents. I have three scholars there and I have never found what rating befits the attention accorded to children in this school, something I painfully feel many parents miss. Congratulations LinkChildFoundation you are worth your tag. 

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Tone Stålesen Sundnes


Before arriving I imagined meeting warm beautiful people, and I was certainly not disappointed. We were so well received from the very first day and shown around at the school and in Mbale town. It was very nice to meet the lovely children and the good teachers. We were invited to visit one of the saving groups, and it's really nice to see how many people get training in saving their own modest resources, and that so many are given that opportunity through LCF. The great hospitality and the amazing kids make me want to go back.


Lotte Sundnes


Being a volunteer at LCF was a powerful experience. I met many incredibly lovely children and adults, and I made friends for life. LCF has become a place I will always return to, and I'm incredibly grateful for having the opportunity to visit. I started sponsoring a child who means a lot to me, and that gives the superficial life here in Norway a little more meaning. I learned a lot about culture and traditions and had a lot of fun. Being a volunteer at LCF, walking around in Mbale and participate in conversations with the teachers taught me more about the important things in life. The experience and hardship children and adults go through around the world have taught me to appreciate more what I have.

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